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Looking to standardize your Sales Process or optimize your Customer Support Experience with Dynamics 365 CE, but unsure of where to start?

Check out our Roadmapping services.

A Trendparency Roadmap will guide your company through all the uncharted territory, setting your implementation up for success!


Whether you are just getting started with Dynamics 365 CE or looking to introduce it to other areas of your business, we can help.

Choose the Dynamics 365 Customization approach that’s right for you.

A Dynamics 365 deployment will allow you to manage your teams, processes and data in one centralized location tailored to your needs.


Digital innovation and automation increase productivity and streamline business processes. 

Robotic Process Automation is one path to make that happen.

Find out how Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate can enhance your team’s productivity and prevent burnout by offering up more purposeful work.



Not having clear direction on your Sales Initiatives or Customer Experience journey impacts Opportunity Conversion rates, Quality of Service metrics, and introduces inefficient processes, hindering your teams and leading to waste.

Avoid these potholes by charting a map to success!

Current State Process Mapping

Documenting and analyzing current state processes aid in identifying redundant processes, communication gaps and points of failure. Performing Current State Process Analysis provides opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Deliverable: A collection of step-by-step process documents that depict how your business is currently operating.

Future State Process Mapping

Future State Process Analysis creates a blueprint to follow during an implementation. This allows a variety of teams to survey the landscape and ensure that the most suitable path is chosen.

Deliverable: A series of modular process diagrams indicating the planned approach, identifying users, technology and outcomes

Persona Identification

Just as important as “where we are going?” is “who is getting us there?” and “who is coming with us?“. Identifying personas doesn’t end at consumers and focus groups. This effort can provide insight into the skills and expectations of internal team members, increasing overall adoption.

Deliverable: A detailed abstract of the chosen user and/or consumer personalities involved in the rollout

Dynamics 365 CE Feature / Power Platform Alignment

Identifying the appropriate tools and components needed to provide the most comprehensive and scalable solution possible, is all part of the process. Building a customized solution that doesn’t require code or complex maintenance is the desired destination.

Deliverable: A simple summary of the recommended applications and modules to satisfy the identified business need

Project Timeline
While it’s impossible to know of all the setbacks, hazards and construction delays at the start of an implementation, it is still important to have estimated time of arrival.
Deliverable: A detailed project timeline organized into dynamic intervals based on estimated task duration

Dynamics 365 CE Customization

Every business is unique and deserves to have a CRM system to match. Off the rack solutions can work but are often ill-fitting, unstylish and omit that modern panache found in custom implementations. You need a CRM that fits you!

Get a tailored Dynamics 365 CE implementation for your business that accentuates your Sales or Customer Service experience.


Simple Alterations

Includes a limited amount of configuration changes, creating a rapid start yet still unique to your business.

  • Customized Forms for Standard Tables
  • Basic Business Rules
  • Essential Workflows
  • Standard Views
  • A Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Simple Data Imports / Migration

Bespoke Experience

A made-to-order implementation that encompasses all the precise operations to your organization.

  • Multiple Data Driven Apps
  • Custom Tables
  • Customized Forms for all Tables
  • Enhanced Business Rules
  • Complex Workflows
  • Standard & Additional Custom Views
  • Extensive Dashboards
  • Data Insights

Robotic Process Automation

Sorting emails, sending reminders and scheduling meetings is not purposeful work.

Add humanity back into your work streams by reallocating repetitive, laborious tasks to automated solutions.

The robots won't mind, promise!

Scanning for Processes...

These are some of the qualities to identify processes to automate

Large Quantity

Any process that requires a significant number of records to be created or modified make great candidates for automation.


Processes that occur frequently and have a standard set of rules to follow without much variance make building logic simple.


If a process is understood, well defined and is primarily unaffected by change, it should be considered for automation.

Fixed Data

Processes that have structured data inputs like prescribed lists, digital forms, spreadsheets, or databases are much less complicated to analyze than paper or conversational text.

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