We develop solution-based approaches to help your company grow

Trendsparency is an ideology; a method of thinking.

With Trendsparency, perfection isn’t the goal.

Our approach is to collaboratively build scalable software solutions that allow you to evaluate progress, celebrate incremental improvement and promote purposeful work.

Trendsparent companies establish distinct measurements and actively communicate their progress.

Let us help you Be Trendsparent
D365 CE Dashboards

Cultivate Measured Growth

Build your Sales pipeline, enhance your Customer Experience or define your digital Marketing Strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Drive results with quantifiable metrics in a comprehensive and intuitive design. 

Generate Purpose

All work effort should have meaning. Empower your teams with the tools and processes needed to streamline their responsibilities and reduce menial work.

Power Automate Process Example

Digital Innovation Trends

How is your company trending?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has a First Year 30-200% ROI

Many industries, specifically Finance and Insurance, rely on personnel to manually enter and process data. Studies have found that automating these processes reduces processing time and increases accuracy which quickly offset any initial investment into RPA technology.

McKinsey, 2020

RPA Rise

Implementing RPA increases productivity by 10-25%

Transferring menial and repetitive tasks from employees to an automated solution, employers see a rise in productivity. Adopting automation can help teams that are already lean achieve more without adding additional resources.

AI Multiple, 2020


Millennials actively seek employers that provide a sense of purpose

Approximately 50% of employees are now considered Millennials. A sense of purpose ranks as high of a priority as food, clothing and shelter within this demographic.

Forbes, 2020

Customer Service Icon

Customer Experience directly impacts customer loyalty

Providing effective and empathetic customer service ensures that customers remain loyal to the brand even if staying brings challenges.

Gartner, 2020



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