Dynamics 365 Sales & CE Customization

Every business is unique and deserves to have a CRM system to match. Off the rack solutions can work but are often ill-fitting, unstylish and omit that modern panache found in custom implementations. 

You need a CRM that fits you!


Get a tailored Dynamics 365 Model-Driven implementation for your business that accentuates your Sales or Customer Service experience.

Simple Alterations

Includes a limited amount of configuration changes, creating a rapid start yet still unique to your business.

  • Customized Forms for Standard Tables
  • Basic Business Rules
  • Essential Workflows
  • Standard Views
  • A Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Simple Data Imports / Migration

Bespoke Experience

A made-to-order implementation that encompasses all the precise operations to your organization.

  • Multiple Data Driven Apps
  • Custom Tables
  • Customized Forms for all Tables
  • Enhanced Business Rules
  • Complex Workflows
  • Standard & Additional Custom Views
  • Extensive Dashboards
  • Data Insights