Not having clear direction on a Dynamics 365 implementation assures roadblocks.

Ensure your Sales Initiatives are clearly defined to increase Lead Generation and  Opportunity Conversion with a Dynamics 365 for Sales Roadmap. Establish a detailed Customer Experience journey to ensure accurate Quality of Service metrics and efficient processes with a Dynamics 365 Customer Experience Roadmap.

Avoid these potholes by charting a map to success!

Keep your organization running smoothly while you implement change by navigating these obstacles.

Planning the Trip

Identify current business processes

Analyze for unification and proficiency gains

Plan a delivery cycle to maximize user adoption

Roadmapping Deliverables

Current State Process Mapping

Documenting and analyzing current state processes aid in identifying redundant processes, communication gaps and points of failure. Performing Current State Process Analysis provides opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Deliverable: A collection of step-by-step process documents that depict how your business is currently operating.

Future State Process Mapping

Future State Process Analysis creates a blueprint to follow during an implementation. This allows a variety of teams to survey the landscape and ensure that the most suitable path is chosen.

Deliverable: A series of modular process diagrams indicating the planned approach, identifying users, technology and outcomes

Persona Identification

Just as important as “where we are going?” is “who is getting us there?” and “who is coming with us?“. Identifying personas doesn’t end at consumers and focus groups. This effort can provide insight into the skills and expectations of internal team members, increasing overall adoption.

Deliverable: A detailed abstract of the chosen user and/or consumer personalities involved in the rollout

Dynamics 365 Module / Power Platform Alignment

Identifying the appropriate tools and components needed to provide the most comprehensive and scalable solution possible, is all part of the process. Building a customized solution that doesn’t require code or complex maintenance is the desired destination.

Deliverable: A simple summary of the recommended applications and modules to satisfy the identified business need along with a documented list of integrations with existing or planned applications.

Project Timeline
While it’s impossible to know of all the setbacks, hazards and construction delays at the start of an implementation, it is still important to have estimated time of arrival.
Deliverable: A detailed project timeline organized into dynamic intervals based on estimated task duration